Welcome to Our New Website

You may have noticed that we’ve made a few changes around here! But our new website didn’t just get a facelift. Sure, it looks fresh, more modern, and more reflective of how The BA Guide has grown. But with this new site, we’ve built a foundation that will help The BA Guide continue to grow. And we’ve added some amazing new features that balance fun with super helpful functionality.

So step right up – aspiring and experienced BAs, alike – and let the tour commence!

Enhanced User Experience

Our new website was built by putting you first. We designed and created this site based on your optimized experience, your needs, and your desires for a professional learning space. If you take a look at our main menu and on-page navigation, you’ll notice a simplified and streamlined setup that guides you throughout our website.

A Personalized Dashboard

Want a single place to call your own? Use your personalized dashboard to access and keep track of the courses you’re working on, remind yourself of the progress you’ve made with the courses you’ve completed, access insightful blog articles, learn about fun new features and exciting new courses, and more. And keep your eyes open for more exciting dashboard features coming up on the horizon!

Courses For Every BA Level of Expertise

Whether you’re just starting your career in business analysis or you’ve driven your fair share of change initiatives and want to increase your knowledge and skills, you’ll find a whole range of ways to achieve your goals on our Courses page. Take our Recommended Course Order and be ferried away as we build your knowledge from the ground up, or pick and choose courses a la carte – the choice is yours!

About Us & Our Mission

Wondering where all of this insightful information came from? Learn a little bit about The BA Guide, the mission that drives us, and the impact we’ve made to help people propel their careers forward on our About Us page.

The BA Guide Blog

Enjoy the latest business analysis industry news and some fascinating articles on The BA Guide Blog. Here, we publish articles that keep learning approachable and accessible while providing helpful, practical information to help you excel in your career.

Get Answers to Your Questions on Our FAQs page

As a professional learning platform, it may come as no surprise that we get a lot of questions for advice and guidance. I mean A LOT. We’ve put together an FAQ page that’s organized into categories that cover our most asked questions about careers, the learning platform, online learning, some business analysis basics, and more!

Keep Up With The BA Lingo With Our Glossary

The Business Analyst profession comes with a lot of jargon and technical terminology, but there’s no need to worry about that. You’ll pick it all up in time. But to help speed that process up, we’ve created a very useful Glossary (and made it free online!) stocked full of commonly used terms, phrases, and concepts that you’ll need to know all about.

Some Quick FAQs About Our New Website

We’ve already gotten a lot of interested students reaching out about our new website, so we’d like to share some of the Frequently Asked Questions and our answers to those questions with you! 

Will my current course enrollments transfer over to the new website?
Absolutely! Your account and enrollments have been transferred over. To access your new account, please reset your password with this link and you’ll see the courses you’re enrolled in on your dashboard!

Will the progress I’ve made in the courses I’m currently enrolled in transfer to the new website?
If you’ve completed a course 100%, we will be transferring your course completion to your new website profile on October 15th. So if you are currently in the process of working through a course on the previous platform, you have until then to reach 100% completion and have it transferred over.

Will my course completion certificates be available on the new website?
Any certificates you earned on the previous website platform will be available on the new website platform by October 15th, 2023.

If I don’t create a new profile on the new website, will I lose access to my courses and certificates?
After October 15th, 2023, you will no longer be able to access our previous website, however, we have already created an account for you, including your course enrollments, on the new website.

If you were taking courses on the previous platform and want to continue your progress there, you can still access and complete those courses until October 15th. Certificates of Completion will be transferred to the new site in batches, starting in a few weeks, and ending October 16th.

Why are you making this update?
We want to give our students the best learning experience and the best opportunity for future growth in their skills and careers. To achieve this and to nurture further engagement with our students, we’ve enhanced and updated our website and learning platform to pave the way for helpful and engaging features and resources.

What happens if I have issues?
We’re always happy to help if you experience any issues or if you have questions/concerns. Feel free to reach out to us on our Contact Form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

We hope you enjoy the new website and learning platform we’ve built for you. The BA Guide team and I are excited about the future functionality and possibilities that this new platform brings with it and can’t wait to share new updates and features that help you enhance your career and professional development.

– Written by Jeremy Aschenbrenner, The BA Guide


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