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Lessons Learned and Wisdom Gained: Reflections from Experienced Business Analysts

At The BA Guide, we believe in the power of shared experiences and the wisdom gained through first-hand professional challenges. Recently, we reached out to you – our community of Business Analysts – and invited you to reflect on your career journeys and share stories of growth, challenge, and success. The responses we received were inspiring, showcasing the resilience and determination of our community members.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of your shared experiences, delving into the notable challenges our contributors faced and the strategies they employed to overcome them.

The Challenge: Re-entry to the BA job market
The BA Guide Community Member: Liz
Time Pursuing a Career In Business Analysis: 15 years

The Challenge Liz Faced
I’d taken a significant amount of time off of work and had a five-year gap on my resume. While I’d held the title of Business Analyst in previous jobs, my role was always much more managerial in nature and not as hands-on. When I was ready to enter the job market again, as a 66-year-old candidate, I felt unprepared.

Five years is a long time to be on a work hiatus and standards and entire industries can change in that time. I also knew the interview bias that can occur when it comes to a candidate with a work gap at my age. I was nervous about all of that.

How Liz Overcame This Challenge
I purchased and worked through every single course that The BA Guide offered. In working through the courses, I did so diligently and methodically. I went through every course in order and worked through every exercise. I think doing the courses in order was helpful, and making it a regular, methodical practice helped too. Not just a sporadic approach. Doing each course in order and working through every exercise is key.

Once I finished all of the courses, I sent out a ton of applications to BA jobs and got interviews for over half. Within three and a half months of my first application, I was hired for a fantastic position, at the highest salary I’d ever commanded.

Before taking The BA Guide courses, I came to the table with good experience, smarts, and work ethic, but I can’t emphasize enough the difference those courses made in filling in the gaps of my knowledge and skills, and gave me so much more confidence. Not just a feel-good mentality, but having the real chops to address interview questions and knowing I could stand behind anything I said I could do in that position.

How The BA Guide Helped Liz Overcome This Challenge
I could not have done it without the BA Guide. Their courses gave me the knowledge and skills to fill the gaps, and also made me informed enough to ace interviews. To be able to present myself as current and knowledgeable enough to overcome that bias – as well as the personal/professional deficit that kind of gap can create as far as being in touch with the work and the industry – makes the support, knowledge, and skill upgrades The BA Guide courses gave me all the more amazing.

After completing my courses with The BA Guide, I secured a fantastic job with the highest salary I’d ever made and after three years in that role, I moved on to other contract positions and full-time roles that paid even higher salaries accompanied by amazing benefits. That initial boost I got from The BA Guide has paid dividends with ongoing positive ripple effects. I am so grateful for your courses, their quality, their depth, and the difference they have made in my career.

The Challenge: Acknowledging knowledge gaps to stakeholders
The BA Guide Community Member: Remus
Time Pursuing a Career In Business Analysis: 12 years

The Challenge Remus Faced
One of the biggest challenges I had to overcome was admitting to stakeholders that I didn’t know something. I often felt judged or looked down upon when I told them I didn’t know something.

How Remus Overcame This Challenge
I knew that to overcome this challenge, I would need to improve my soft skills, including how to approach and communicate things I did not know about to stakeholders professionally, how to understand and adapt to the organizational culture that I was working with, and other crucial skills.

How The BA Guide Helped Remus Overcome This Challenge
The BA Guide played a very important role in helping me learn the strategies and techniques that can be used in unique situations, such as those I was challenged with. Knowing how to approach each situation professionally and confidently makes all the difference.

The Challenge: Generating valuable insights in a start-up environment while working directly with stakeholders
The BA Guide Community Member: John
Time Pursuing a Career In Business Analysis: 1 year

The Challenge John Faced
Working at an app company in a start-up environment, I am dealing directly with stakeholders and tight budgets. In order to succeed in any project, I need to be able to generate valuable insights to help improve and advance our application. To do that, though, there is a lot of prior work and steps to get to a solution.

How John Overcame This Challenge
I realized that every challenge has a solution. To avoid being overwhelmed, it helps to look for expertise and resources that help you organize your thoughts and refine your knowledge and technique.

How The BA Guide Helped John Overcome This Challenge
The BA Guide has helped me understand a lot of unique topics and challenges by breaking them down and explaining them in a way that’s easy to understand. I find the resources and courses that The BA Guide provides to be very, very helpful and motivational. Jeremy helped me realize that anyone can use the unique experience they have to become a Business Analyst.

The Challenge: Staying on top of market trends and evolving technologies to provide valuable solutions
The BA Guide Community Member: Jayshree
Time Pursuing a Career In Business Analysis: 12 years

The Challenge Jayshree Faced
Because the Business Analyst role is so directly client-facing, we always have to be ready to professionally interact with various team members and stakeholders. Often, we need to be able to help stakeholders gather requirements and identify and communicate solutions to them even when they’re not always clear about what they’re looking for.

How Jayshree Overcame This Challenge
To make sure I’m able to propose good solutions, I try to keep myself up to date on the markets I work in and the technology that can help me create valuable, cutting-edge solutions. I try to build a good reputation among my team and with stakeholders and facilitate effective communication and collaboration among all.

How The BA Guide Helped Jayshree Overcome This Challenge
The BA Guide’s blogs and articles have really given me an advantage and helped me get into the proper mindset. I’ve learned a lot about effectively using use cases, brainstorming and interviewing techniques, and understanding requirements.

Proud To Help You Grow
Challenges are inevitable in business analysis, but so is the potential for growth and success. The stories shared by our community members illustrate that resilience, strategic thinking, and access to valuable resources can pave the way for overcoming even the most difficult obstacles. Thank you to all of you who shared your experiences.

At The BA Guide, we’re proud to be a part of our community’s journey, providing the support, education, and insights that help you turn challenges into stepping stones for success. As we continue to learn from one another, the collective wisdom of The BA Guide community is an invaluable asset for every Business Analyst navigating their professional path.

Written by Jeremy Aschenbrenner, The BA Guide


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