Using Observation to Get to the Root Cause of a Problem

When a company employs a Business Analyst, it’s done with the intention to have that individual investigate or examine problems that are occurring within its organization or to reach a goal. The company may have identified that there is a high amount of waste within its production line, processes are not being executed efficiently, or they simply want to increase their profit margin with their existing products or services. Whatever it may be, it’s up to the BA to sort through and figure it out.

As Business Analysts, we have a number of tools and techniques to help us with this endeavor. One of the most effective is the Observation technique. Having the ability to observe individuals and processes in action is extremely valuable. Observing people and processes working naturally will help you understand the nature and efficacy of their function better, and it will help you get to the root cause of the problem you’re trying to solve.

How To Answer Behavioral Interview Questions

With the variety of challenges that Business Analysts face throughout the span of their career, one of the most valuable skills that one must possess is the ability to solve problems in a logical and analytical way. This crucial skill can be extremely difficult to judge on paper, though, so it is very common for Business Analysts interviewing for a new role to be tested with some behavioral interview questions.

While this type of questioning may seem daunting at first, understanding its purpose and a little more about how to approach behavioral interview questions can help take the edge off.